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by Tigers On Trains

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"In The Atlas Cedars" Some kind of poison is hiding up my sleeves Don't recall how it got there I had a long stay up with the Jinn and orchid trees, I might have lost my head Buried my clothes in the coriander Cut out my tongue to correct my grammar offended all of the grieving mothers Couldn't contend with the miscreant I was. You were apostate, just caving in and out of faith And saving your receipts But is it so wrong that you cannot find your fatal flaw? Well it keeps you up all night. You're wrapped so tight in the Atlas cedars, You're overdrawn and uncelebrated Caught up in dreams that you can't remember Stuck in the day Saint Sophia left you waiting On a corner with your hands full of thorns. I found the floor plan to what i once thought had no shape But I still think it's bullshit And I found my senses encased in old acanthus leaves, They're better off without me.
Myrrhine 03:53
"Myrrhine" We were crawling through the underbrush Out in South Dakota in the snow We were searching for a place to hide When you found a dying bird And we named him after Jesus Christ, And we told him all the tallest tales, And we fed him seeds and flower stems, And resolved to keep him warm Then he flew away with no regrets And we watched him as he disappeared And we sat and tried to sprout some wings, And ended up falling asleep. So we set ourselves to work again, Built a kitchen table with our hands And we filled it with the highest hopes And the most unlikely plans And we emptied out the dusty jars And an aging pail of yellow paint, Turned the ashes of our loved ones Into art before our eyes And we carved their figures out of soap, Every detail was exactly right And they were beautiful to me and you, But they couldn't speak a word. You were scared that we'd wasted all that love But it was more than we could ever get rid of We kept our word, never turned back to see the graves It was better way, couldn't tell the difference. We drew a bird on the wall and named him after us, And he stayed by our side and never flew away.
A Chain 03:27
"A Chain" We rose from the soil in filthy clothes, Just to give each other names we didn't want A door that you never saw before, A fading portrait losing colors constantly A stone that you carried all alone, A parasitic anchor or a termite-ridden oar. And I finally realized what it's worth, But I'm just not sure of which is worse Is this a blessing or a curse? Today we said what we had to say, So you could run for centuries And I might follow suit It's true, a garment of royal blue A flame between your fingers And an oil lamp that dimmed And tied to your ankle was a chain, Meant to absolve and not detain But i never had too much to gain. The thorn in your side, I wish it was mine And you never died. My friend, I will never apprehend A reminiscent flower And a seven hour drive We swore that there would be nothing more, But I could use an answer And I'm sure that you could too. And I finally realized what it's worth, But I'm just not sure of which is worse Is this a blessing or a curse?
"Already Spent" I collected the years in a basket In the hope they might cover my head When you came home to see them I guess they were already spent. All our colors were caught in the tree rings You were shaking your head at the ground I keep feeling like I was the reason They never were found And you should've seen that racing relief Pushing its claws into what I believed, Turning out precious stones I couldn't keep Just to retreat and be gone from me. In a storage yard stood like a statue I've been counting the symbols all day It seemed strange that you left, But I guess you were written that way I surrendered myself to your footprints Wasn't sure if I'd followed them right Over time as the soil grew soft I was losing my sight I figured I might.
"There Is No Prize" There is no scope There is no lens But what will be scratched by the end There is no flame There is no torch But what can be lit and destroyed And reborn So what is flesh? What is skin, But that which you're imprisoned in? There is no prize, No purse of gold But what will be gambled away when you're old. I unwrapped the trenchant truth And folded away my youth, Now nothing more than change Held onto just in case There are no gods, No sacred ghosts But those who had purchased their posts There is no leaf, No patch of grass But that which is withering fast So what is grace? What is beauty But that which some day will die? For me at least? "Next year is almost here," Is that how you fed your fear? Haven't you grown a bit? Aren't you past that shit? It is a sin It's such a shame That it's so damn easy to be afraid 'Cause you are pure And you are brave, But you were a hell of a mess to create.
Long Sleeves 04:55
"Long Sleeves" A soul in uniform is all I had been Since the passing of that glow against the wall That had grown from you. But still I feel the same, Though I've lost a bit of weight from all those dressings that I shed I thought they'd sworn to stay in place. But I've kept a steady peace between my days, Though they're stretching out like flames in a restless rage And the fleeting, selfish thoughts that drew us gray Are cradling the coals. What could i do? You'd left your straining heart in a mud-brick mausoleum You were grateful for the sight, But couldn't keep it in your mind But I steered my way through all that stilted speech, A thicket patch of verbs and spines and seeds That fell into a beard of knotted leaves, Virescent on my jaw What can i do? The second that you fled yourself I knew I was someone else Staring at that flame you'd lit, A Calvary between your ribs Now with all that fever gone, We're sleeping with our long sleeves on And hoping for a healthy dawn To place our aching heads upon. That masonry you'd lain, It was not enough to keep you from your pain.
"Washington State" So I could just lay here And watch your skin turn into salt And breathe deep in relief As you start to evaporate. And I too will dry out And thin until I am no more, Just as God intended And we will meet beneath the tongues of flame Called by our Hebrew names. The white wind, your black lungs A mass of gray inside your chest A simple equation To somehow set your head straight A red box with ribbons To house all of our troubles A weak knee, an earthquake The fact that I could never come out clean At least that's how it seemed. So I'll pretend to understand, While you bury me in sand And build your house upon the shaking patch of earth So I've been giving it a chance With my head between my hands But it's just too much to know that you're happier alone. A contract A constant A phrase that will not leave my mouth The Garden of Eden Hung up around your shoulder So I could have waited out on an empty threshing floor And quoted the Gospels I guess it's better that I did not try I just don't know why.
"Turquoise Mines" Factory, just go ahead and swallow me It's not the way I'd planned to see My old age creeping in. Life is safe, as long as you assume a shape That measures rationally And fits in with the rest. But I'm racing my flaws Toward some end they'd drawn I hope they mapped it out wrong 'Cause I'm already gone. Blackbeard's Lord, Well I think He sounds a lot like yours But maybe there's a hundred more, And they only share a name And a laugh. But I took my time To figure out it was not mine Through twenty years of turquoise mines I'd forgotten my way back I've been sorting trash, And holding it against my past But really I could cut this cast 'Cause God knows that I've healed underneath.
"Royal Asiatic Society" I've stood before this image of you In a church that they condemned before they knew With that illusion I wish I could hold, A rosette we drenched in meaning and then sold Now you're wearing out from within While the pastel shades of martyrdom Are creeping through your skin I think it's all we know, A seed that does not grow Could be it just got got buried in the snow. But that's no way to live, With nothing left to give Just reading from a script Where was that truce we'd made with the sea When all seven hills of Rome Dared to conspire against our feet? To all your antique gods, Take all the tolls you want The other side of this bridge is all we've got But in case we don't get far Or never even start I've been praying for your heart, Though i don't know who you are.
"From A Silver Till" With your new capricious home to keep you company You're drifting from my sight. You were caught in the gears, So you bought into all of what you once feared. We left our jobs and turned to carving porcelain Built a faucet, that was all. But you brought it back with you To remind you that there's hope in what you can't do. I swore I saw the Virgin glimmer in the ground, Through the gypsum underneath So I dug through the beds, And wore away my fingers in the process. Could you see I was a forgery? Is that why you strained me out And put the good parts in the ground? And every empty honor That I clung to as my own Was calling you its home, I just want to be your home But all the conflagrations That argued us to sleep Were somehow not as steep As what you wanted us to be When all our stonewashed anger left us in that car, The temperature changed And we could not relate So we traded for a sadness we could translate. You were named after a shipwreck, And that's all you ever knew But the same old wind that left you cold Was leaving me, too. I've been breaking into foundries In the middle of the night, Just to see if I could build something to keep you upright. I was telling lies to give myself a little time And you were calling through the cracks that I was right. Must have been something that you said That put that vision in my head, But now I'm coming home to all my new regrets.
Mont Ventoux 03:45
"Mont Ventoux" I threw all my pride into a hornet's nest While you were asleep Amid all the drums Feigning to celebrate some kind of end to the world. But me and my memory, We wear each other out Staying up late And tearing the tags from all of those bright ideas I'd like to believe were my own. But casting my words, florid and overgrown In place of myself I kicked in the door and lost all your sympathy I guess that's the way that it goes. But sometimes we climb, aimless as vines Just to see what we've missed As if this half empty house Could fill with the sounds Of the places we've been. We measured our love over a yawning grave, It wasn't quite fair But that was the day that you most resembled me, Stoic and fearful. If age draws us apart, I hope that we'd both pretend Just for a while. 'Cause all of those lies could add up to honesty And save us a whole lot of time. And sometimes we starve, Just to get far from a suitable truth As if each piece of our souls Could flower, then fold, And become something new. But you didn't even try.
Sawmill 04:41
"Sawmill" While there is no place Profane and justified to hold us Or keep us home Some greener garden, A dusty pyramid of red stone A broken throne If you had told me That you would never reach the surface, I'd know you're wrong. And we fall hard Against the thought of pulling into parts So what was our garden really worth, When pretty soon it ll goes back to dirt? Or so I've heard. I thought I saw you, A heavy heart inside a sawmill Covered in dust You're splitting wood beams To build a coffin for your love While I sat and watched You finally filled it And placed it in a tomb of concrete, And sealed it shut. And you were staring at my palms, And wondering how I ever kept so calm And as we grew like fire in the brush, I knew we'd live in everything we'd touched We saw the mountains changing shades Into colors that we never saw before What once was blue and green, And meant so much to me Didn't make it through the war, And now's now more.


Recorded Mixed and Produced by Tigers On Trains
Mastered By Gregg Andrew Dellarocca
Album Art by Nicole Zinerco and Billy Duprey

All Songs Written and Performed by Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs


released July 17, 2012

Tigers On Trains are Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs
Supporting Musicians:
Billy Duprey: Vocals / Percussion
Gregg Andrew Dellarocca: Vocals
Stephanie Tolino: Vocals
Natalie Kress: Violin
Kerri Latten: Violin
Peter Rossi: Trumpet



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