from Foundry by Tigers On Trains




We were crawling through the underbrush
Out in South Dakota in the snow
We were searching for a place to hide
When you found a dying bird

And we named him after Jesus Christ,
And we told him all the tallest tales,
And we fed him seeds and flower stems,
And resolved to keep him warm

Then he flew away with no regrets
And we watched him as he disappeared
And we sat and tried to sprout some wings,
And ended up falling asleep.

So we set ourselves to work again,
Built a kitchen table with our hands
And we filled it with the highest hopes
And the most unlikely plans

And we emptied out the dusty jars
And an aging pail of yellow paint,
Turned the ashes of our loved ones
Into art before our eyes

And we carved their figures out of soap,
Every detail was exactly right
And they were beautiful to me and you,
But they couldn't speak a word.

You were scared that we'd wasted all that love
But it was more than we could ever get rid of

We kept our word, never turned back to see the graves
It was better way, couldn't tell the difference.
We drew a bird on the wall and named him after us,
And he stayed by our side and never flew away.


from Foundry, released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved


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