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The Canyon 05:01
THE CANYON i don't want anything to do with anything divine no penitence, no patience, no design no creation, no decline i don't want any good to come from all my disbelief no silver-lined exceptions, no reprieve no redemption, no release every lie has its disciples so maybe i’ve been too devout but do you count yourself a casualty of a drunken god's mistakes when they were always yours to make? free will isn't free but we all pay a different price and i’ve got nothing but my morals left to sacrifice if i can’t empty out my sentences before i die then i’ll be wearing out my welcome in the afterlife every mountain bears its fortune but i don’t climb except for you but do you count yourself a casualty of the shadows of your past when they were always yours to cast it's hard work having a soul
Bask 03:51
BASK i got swallowed in statues of words i haven’t said yet if there's a method to madness tell me what's the next step tell me, tell me i’m telling lies about myself to myself i do it well i’m telling lies about myself to myself don’t let me out in my head there’s no savior but i’m the first apostle if there’s some secret to sleeping spare me all that gospel spare me, spare me i’ve been stealing from myself for as long as i can tell am i just a conversation between my pride and patience, not worth the hell i’m raising? ‘cause i must’ve missed salvation in twenty different places well i should’ve stayed mistaken where do all the lost minds go? where do all the lost minds go? where do all the lost minds go? where do all the lost minds go?
Sundials 04:13
SUNDIALS there's nothing harder to say than that prayer we scripted and stored away it must've told me to stay but i was sprinting for some day so i’m falling victim to something i didn’t believe in after all this time and i said i don't want your fury but i don't want this fear that’s pinning me here 'cause i’ve heard suffering is easy as long as you're still free so where does that leave me? there's nothing deeper than doubt and mine was fighting to make a sound you must've wrestled it out but you swore that you didn't know how so i’m compromising to something i couldn’t believe in even though i’ve tried i’ve been staring up at the sun waiting for the answer to come i’ve been staring up at the sun looking for a reason to run thought every fire was a signal to me lighting the way to what i wanted to be but i was sinning for the opposite team wondering if i could outlive my belief
BIRDLESS CAGE did you see the barren peaks did you see the searing heat did you see the birdless cage that you have become? did you see servitude did you see the shoulder length hair that lent all its radiance to somebody else? you stormed out of who you were to follow her those moments you could not hold still held you your pretense, your nightingale you can't unveil what you are did you bear your innocence as sorely as i did my guilt did you ever forgive yourself for shedding that pain? did you love her honestly did you love her approximately saying “oh what a privilege to feel incomplete”? so what's this for? you stormed out of who you were to follow her those moments you could not hold still held you your conscience, your nightingale you can't exhale yourself if i’ve held out for you holding me sinfully was that sinful of me? and if you want me to waste all your precious time you can waste all of mine and i won’t lie any more than you ask me to i’m just asking for you and i’ll be fine if we never wake up from this if we never wake up from this
Mitama 04:14
MITAMA there's something crawling through your bloodstream that you loathe but you don't know its name the kind of wound that you can't feel until you see that's what you are to me so i'm a sinner on a hillside taking vows but i don't know what for ‘cause i'm ascetic ’til i see your open eyes so i keep an idle mind i was singing in the darkest tones that i could conjure up 'cause you were luminous but you were out of sight you were lost in light but you keep saying that you're jealous of my dreams 'cause you don't know them all there's something telling me to serve a fallen saint guess he survived the fall so i'm a sinner on the east side of the dawn i'm always in the night i was looking for the closest calls so i could just survive 'cause it was cavernous until i came outside and i was lost in light but how they polluted you just to draw you close i must have been the stone weighing down your robes so if we're switching sides god forbid you grow 'cause you'd unravel me
Dialogues 07:13
DIALOGUES i've been saving up for your soul as long as i can recall just needed something to tend ’til the fiery end but every time i give up my foothold to move toward that light i get darker inside i just wanted to be necessary didn't matter which purpose i served you’ve been growing into the chains of a future you couldn’t claim must’ve shackled your wrist to the chances you’d missed ‘cause everything you wanted just came through and grazed you and left without leaving a mark if we’re all meant to be mercenaries does it matter which spirit we serve? but god i’m still circling through the dialogues i could’ve had with you cause you envied me for my mortality ’til it captured you too in that cold moment after my shoulders were shattered i fell prey to your voice god i’m still suffering through the dialogues i didn’t have with you but i envied you for your sanity until it fell upon me you just needed to be a tributary didn’t matter which river you served if we’re all meant to be temporary does it matter which lessons we learn?
NORTHERN ORTHODOX socratic altars offering me this overturned astrology: "commune with me before you get free" but death it caught you in a bad mood didn't matter that it wanted you don't bother asking “what would jesus do?” 'cause you'd never give it up that soon your goddess broke out from the rocks your bloody northern orthodox it's arching over all that i've come across but it's not the kind of ceiling that you'd want 'cause i'm sure that i'm the one that all this bitter ash is falling for but i'm falling for it too, yeah that's my station there's no changing it the one religion i could fit into my pocket so i'm saving it and i won't fold until it's done i won’t fold until i’m done death it caught you in a bad mood didn't matter how it pulled on you don't bother asking “what would jesus do?” 'cause you'd never give it up that soon i prophesized you until you came true not gonna bleed through until i have to
Colored Out 04:16
COLORED OUT i was aging in the wrong direction heading uphill to the shrine you slept in i can see you rising through the haze of morning breaking up my virtue i was meant to break against you if we're all pretenders what the hell’s the truth for? i was always caught in yours but now it’s colored out i'm a strangled stone i'm a churchless reverend i'm a charcoal burned into something different so i'm trading out all the woolen blankets for a fevered pride 'cause there’s no one to collapse beside it’s always an iron age but could i choose my cage? and is there something to believe in when i wake? ‘cause there’s always another step and you can’t see it yet but i know something’s coming soon to cause a wreck if we're all pretenders what the hell’s the truth for? i was always caught in yours but i got colored out my hands were flames keeping you safe
Ore 04:15
i was laid across a trembling ground waiting for the cold unsettling sound it sprung out like a serpent, wailing and frayed it’s something god did not create living as the captive i could’ve been praying to the claws transfixing my skin pulling at a pair of mountainous teeth until they emptied of ferocity dark red earth up to my rib cage was keeping me down they wrote me onto the wrong page i’m sure of it now vengeful ancestral commotion is bleeding me out but i’ve got one dose of devotion and it’s under the ground paralyzed colonized fossilized carbonized broken like a truce i made with myself taking any ache my head could’ve held i’ll be at the edge accounting my sins when that final threshold drags me in you were in a field of blistering stone telling me you’re out of oracle bones and i’ve made a peace that i thought i couldn’t have known i’ve finally given my demons room to get up and grow if i was born again without a name would i be wise enough to stay that way? if i’m a gardener of shattered minds would i be wise to fall asleep in the vines and be a sentry for god’s darkest designs?
there's no path you couldn't choose honey don't be fooled yeah that's something you knew in your stomach but it still never rang true there's some eyes that never close there's some doors mine won't like the caverns of fear in your spirit that you wanted to call home so i said “worry if you want” i won't tell you that the bad luck's gone i won't tell you that i solved your flaws i won't tell you that there's something to believe in at all there’s no day that’s gonna dawn where you’ll wake up gone when you grow into that infinite nothing you won’t know that you’ve passed on so i said “worry if you want” i won't tell you that the canyon's crossed i won't tell you that you can't get lost i won't tell you that there's someone to believe in at all you scaled all that stone just to retrieve your ghost but you grew a new one with more savage beauty than you could’ve known and all the change you fought fell to the freeing thought that we all die every fucking day so you can worry all you want



released March 27, 2018

All Songs Written & Produced by The Republic Of Wolves
Engineering by Frank Mitaritonna & Nick Starrantino at VuDu Studios
Mixed by Dan Gluszak
Assistant Mix Engineer: Dylan Waterhouse
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Cover Photo by Takayuki Yamamoto
Additional Artwork by Ben Kehoe & Graham Yarrington
Layout Designed by Billy Duprey
releases March 27, 2018

The Republic Of Wolves is:
Mason Maggio
Billy Duprey
Christian Van Deurs
Chris Wall
Ryan Sean Cullinane

Supporting Musicians:
Brianne Mavis (Violin on Track 4, 6, 9)
Anjali Krishnan (Vocals on Track 10)
Nathan Hussey (Vocals on Track 2)
Jeffery Mudgett (Vocals on Track 2)
Dominic “Dom” Nastasi (Vocals on Track 2)

Doug Castro
Gregg Andrew Dellarocca
Arturo Olmos
Graham Yarrington
Kirsten Horner
Dayna Ghiraldi
Steve Kondracki
David Fox
Nolan J Corbin
Alex Tongchinsub
Ryan McClure
Kathleen Krekow
Joe Gonzalez
Jarred Hunsicker
Paul McLean
Jason Heath
Rich Maggio
Dan Lifschitz
Jordan Earls
Benjamin Barham
Gary Varian
Dani Doering
Sam Posa
Michael “Dad” Ormsby
Michael Parks Randa
Ian McAlpine
Jason Tate
Gabriel Hansen
Nyasha Wesson
Taz Virdi
Alan Clark
Kyriacos Miltiadou
Laura Pearsall
Kate Weiss
Matthew Oesterle
David Pomarnke
John Hudson
Kevin Tuthill
Paolo Simonato
Eric McKelvie
Carol Donohue
Brian Donohue
John Farag
Brandon Quan
Georgia Letten
Rodrigo Bustamante
Cody Day
Andrew Gordon
Quinton Litchford
Christos Miltiadou
Max Phillips
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