from Foundry by Tigers On Trains




While there is no place
Profane and justified to hold us
Or keep us home

Some greener garden,
A dusty pyramid of red stone
A broken throne

If you had told me
That you would never reach the surface,
I'd know you're wrong.

And we fall hard
Against the thought of pulling into parts
So what was our garden really worth,
When pretty soon it ll goes back to dirt?
Or so I've heard.

I thought I saw you,
A heavy heart inside a sawmill
Covered in dust

You're splitting wood beams
To build a coffin for your love
While I sat and watched

You finally filled it
And placed it in a tomb of concrete,
And sealed it shut.

And you were staring at my palms,
And wondering how I ever kept so calm
And as we grew like fire in the brush,
I knew we'd live in everything we'd touched

We saw the mountains changing shades
Into colors that we never saw before

What once was blue and green,
And meant so much to me
Didn't make it through the war,
And now's now more.


from Foundry, released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved


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