Already Spent

from Foundry by Tigers On Trains



"Already Spent"

I collected the years in a basket
In the hope they might cover my head
When you came home to see them
I guess they were already spent.

All our colors were caught in the tree rings
You were shaking your head at the ground
I keep feeling like I was the reason
They never were found

And you should've seen that racing relief
Pushing its claws into what I believed,
Turning out precious stones I couldn't keep
Just to retreat and be gone from me.

In a storage yard stood like a statue
I've been counting the symbols all day
It seemed strange that you left,
But I guess you were written that way

I surrendered myself to your footprints
Wasn't sure if I'd followed them right
Over time as the soil grew soft
I was losing my sight
I figured I might.


from Foundry, released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved


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