Royal Asiatic Society

from Foundry by Tigers On Trains



"Royal Asiatic Society"

I've stood before this image of you
In a church that they condemned before they knew

With that illusion I wish I could hold,
A rosette we drenched in meaning and then sold

Now you're wearing out from within
While the pastel shades of martyrdom
Are creeping through your skin

I think it's all we know,
A seed that does not grow
Could be it just got got buried in the snow.

But that's no way to live,
With nothing left to give
Just reading from a script

Where was that truce we'd made with the sea
When all seven hills of Rome
Dared to conspire against our feet?

To all your antique gods,
Take all the tolls you want
The other side of this bridge is all we've got

But in case we don't get far
Or never even start
I've been praying for your heart,
Though i don't know who you are.


from Foundry, released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved


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