From A Silver Till

from Foundry by Tigers On Trains



"From A Silver Till"

With your new capricious home to keep you company
You're drifting from my sight.
You were caught in the gears,
So you bought into all of what you once feared.

We left our jobs and turned to carving porcelain
Built a faucet, that was all.
But you brought it back with you
To remind you that there's hope in what you can't do.

I swore I saw the Virgin glimmer in the ground,
Through the gypsum underneath
So I dug through the beds,
And wore away my fingers in the process.

Could you see I was a forgery?
Is that why you strained me out
And put the good parts in the ground?

And every empty honor
That I clung to as my own
Was calling you its home,
I just want to be your home

But all the conflagrations
That argued us to sleep
Were somehow not as steep
As what you wanted us to be

When all our stonewashed anger left us in that car,
The temperature changed
And we could not relate
So we traded for a sadness we could translate.

You were named after a shipwreck,
And that's all you ever knew
But the same old wind that left you cold
Was leaving me, too.

I've been breaking into foundries
In the middle of the night,
Just to see if I could build something to keep you upright.

I was telling lies to give myself a little time
And you were calling through the cracks that I was right.

Must have been something that you said
That put that vision in my head,
But now I'm coming home to all my new regrets.


from Foundry, released July 17, 2012


all rights reserved


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