Antarctica In Color

by Tigers On Trains

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released September 30, 2014

Tigers On Trains are Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs

Recorded Mixed Mastered and Produced By Mason Maggio

Album Art by Stu Pope
Design and Layout By Billy Duprey

All Songs Written and Performed by Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs

Supporting Musicians:
Violin: Brianne Mavis
Drums: Chris Wall


all rights reserved


about Bakersfield, California

Simple Stereo is an Independent Music and Art Company.

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Track Name: Broken Dart
sauntered on into sevilla like a creaking dawn
your love is here but you won't stay too long
the architecture makes your stomach turn

so she petitioned you
to just keep dulling down your point of view
in the cathedral where they ran you through
you said the right thing but you spoke too soon

had a real rough start
you hit the target with a broken dart
that's impressive but it leaves no mark
and you can't argue with a consequence

so i got my prize
nothing to do now but apologize
'cause guilt and gratitude are just two sides
of a quarter that I can't flip right

did you call it a truce
because you knew you'd lose?
you'd rather be a choice
than ever have to choose
if you're gracious now
what will you be when all of your graces
go down?

wandered on to your neighbor's lawn
just to feel the grass you could never have

so i petitioned you
don't get yourself into a lonely feud
to see you moving to a brand new start
that's all i want with all my anxious heart

did you call off the charge
because the day got dark?
or was it honestly
a sudden change of heart
well if you're righteous now
what will you be when everything
goes wrong
and you're pressing on
Track Name: Kicked Out Of The Chain Gang
i wanna make a distraction that doesn't go dark
that'll keep me ecstatically searching the backyard
for remnants of what we resembled
before i lit up the spark

but we're all making bargains against the dawn
in colonial houses with all of the shades drawn
that shiver and quake with the sound
of a ghost we'd agreed upon

don't you want all the motion to stop?
it's the only emotion i've got
but just when i thought it was gone
i got kicked out of the chain gang
for doing my job

we're close but we're covered and walled
all neighboring rooms in a hall
blocked up so you couldn't recall
how to get through at all

i wanna get past the future and find dry land
'cause i stumbled out of every opportunity i ever had
but i've still got the feeling there's some way
of fixing my broken plans

'cause forty days of fasting couldn't save my soul
all i got was a hunger my sins couldn't uphold
and i'm tired of trial and error
in service of growing old

don't you want the forgiveness to stop?
it's the only excuse that i've got
but before i could give up the cross
i got kicked out of the parish
for swearing to god

we're close but we're centuries apart
dealt out like an old deck of cards
and though i could see where you'd fall
couldn't touch you at all

did you ever get tired of the storm?
it's the only expression i've worn
since the day that it started to pour

don't you want the surrender to start?
it's the only desire in my heart
just thought i was playing the part
'til i got kicked out of the foot race
for running too far
Track Name: Attention!
should've seen you in that sickly sprawl
broken english all across your bedroom wall
you're like a ship that only sinks when i'm watching
but i'm watching all the time

but i got issues
yeah i know i still do
crowding out my hallways
pointing me the wrong ways
bet it doesn't help to
see that all you went through
could've been avoided from the start
don't you feel in charge?

they had to take you off your medicine
'cause you were raving all about some starving kid
who had hollowed out a different opinion
to pack the old ones in

but i got issues
more than i admit to
sawing at my fenced in
tethered up attention

scanning channels in a hospital
till your skepticism's happy, fed and full
you were a film, i didn't care for the ending
and you're ending all the time

but i got issues
yeah i guess we all do
wasn't that assumption
something you've been hunting?

looking for definitions of your fate
through every province, every parish, every state
while the dictionary's right there beside you
but you couldn't turn a page
Track Name: Plumes
we were in a conscious state
trying not to concentrate
pulling at a grave mistake
you're telling me to recreate

i don't wanna stake my claim
not without a shred to gain
something that i can't contain
is pulling me away

anything that we could be
nothing but a tendency
nothing i can guarantee
baby don't rely on me

i've been in a sorry state
trying to communicate
now you're going out of range
guess i was a bit too late

i don't wanna see you sweat
i don't wanna take a step
i don't wanna know what's next
i just wanna get you dressed
i just wanna move you west
i just wanna place my bets

i don't want an open mind
don't know what'll get inside
yeah even if it turns me right
is it ever really worth a fight?

i don't wanna pose a threat
i don't wanna make a mess
i just wanna pay your debts
i wanted you to see my best
i wanted you to be impressed
but i don't want your love just yet
Track Name: But It's Hard To
from my black eyes
to my black mind
i'm a lost cause
so why have i been dressing all in white?

when i first fell
to that cold hell
i was fourteen
and never told a lie in my life

so it's bullshit
it's a coin flip
that's a fair game
but can't i beat the odds just once?

should you hide or should i hide
from the harpoon in my side?
well i want to want you
but it's hard to

all the frictions
the resistance
it's a sure thing
but how am i alone in my doubt?

'cause you still pray
for your mistakes
he's a good man
but he never got you out of that cage

did you hide or did i hide
from the arrows that you let fly?
well i want to want you
but it's hard to

'cause i'm something else
besides myself
and it won't go down 'til i go down

it's a good plan
but i just can't be what you need

from my black eyes
to my black mind
i'm a lost cause
so why are you still dressing me white?

did you find or did i find
the cold truth in my aching eyes?
that i want to want you
but it's hard to

so i fell through
what i once knew
and i came to without you
Track Name: Stalking My Pulse
said i whispered catastrophe
into your lips
but you feel imprecise
like you're something i missed
don't get tired of me

'cause you did pretty well
but you did me no good
when you shouldered that weight
just to prove that you could
don't get confident yet

but you talk so much to walls
that you could imitate them all

you've got 22 stars
on the jacket you wear
and a girl in your thoughts
who don't want to be there
don't hold onto the past

'cause i pursued what i want
till it's all that i got
and i saw everything else
sold off in a lot
there's a sequence to things
i think

but you wear so many names
that they all start to sound the same

stumbling and sweating and stalking my pulse
no surprise i don't get much done

swearing and stealing and stripping my ranks
no surprise i don't give much thanks

and it bothered up your stone smile
when i fathered something worthwhile
but you saw my love retire
and you stoked it like a fire

were you sorry for my loss?
all the good you carted off
and feeling from afar
don't it get hard?
were you capable
of seeing this through
of paying your due
of meeting halfway?
Track Name: 1645
when theodora's in the ground
what am i to wrap my bones around?
at least 'til the hangman cuts me down
from my home

i didn't mean to wear you thin
yeah i swear santiago lured me in
and i saw you get caught up in the spin
a circular pilgrimage

don't cross off what you lost
though she was flawed, i know
maybe there's something else there

i saw you lose another bet
don't turn reactionary yet
what does a reign of terror get
but a real bad rap?

so i just gave you a reprieve
took all your laughing misery
guess it was all apostrophe
directed against my ghost

that pose reddened our clothes
but we wouldn't show our skin
so we kept it all on

never knew why you arranged
to keep me at bay for half my age
but if you ever did open up the cage
i wouldn't leave

and when you're hanging by a thread
don't you belong to what you've said?
isn't it waiting in your bed
every night

applaud, yeah we were wrong
and life is too long
Track Name: Fractioned
built a divided house
carefully fractioned out
keeping a tired peace
wasn't it easy?

you were a perfect throw
i was a skipping stone
giving away a dream
wasn't it easy?

if you want i can talk
'til my words come loose
and get through to you
rearrange, paraphrase
what i meant to you
'cause it's not getting through

craving to complicate
something i thought was fate
shifting away from me
wasn't that easy?

you were a marble floor
i was advancing toward
feeling you break my fall
wasn't so easy

trepidation stole my mind
lamentations up my spine
indiana healed my eyes
'til they opened wide

i fell into a pit
and fell in love in it
that was the first idea i had that got me high
and that's why i never got it right

after that look you gave
i never even looked your way
i never was that brave
love is a coward's grave

and we were both to blame
for giving it a noble name
but i cursed my heart
'cause it brought us so far
Track Name: South American Soil
you shot me a glare through the low-hanging fruit
remind me again, which offense did i choose?
i'm doing the best that i can with my hands
but i needed you

and i'm bribing the judge 'cause i don't have a case
but i'm judging myself so i'm taking the bait
but i'm not satisfied 'til i know that you know
that i know the truth

if i could i'd break your back with all my straw
if i could i'd break you out of all those thoughts
and you'll never get bored
or get swept off the front porch

i muttered that verse about water and wine
and i'm tempted to try if the devil don't mind
'cause i've had some luck in corrupting what's clean
whatever the means

you might faint while you wait for the water to boil
and the tile may turn south american soil
i guess everything good must end, sink, or spoil
but that's only once

if i could i'd break the truth between your jaws
know i should but that's just not the war i fought
so i'll never get bored
or get stuck at the front door

i'm seeing this through
'cause i can't see through it
i'm paying my due
for the lanterns i lit
i'm meeting halfway
between seeing and being
a part of that light
Track Name: Staircase
a mother's mercy against your neck
it sprawled you out on the kitchen steps

when you spoke fondly i had no choice
there's something godly about your voice

well do you ever see yourself
getting out from under
all of those petals that you tore
from every love you ever wore?
and i can't stand to be there
but i can't seem to run
i just wanted you to know i was no one

your wandering eyes
they made you look
and it bent you up like a shepherd's crook

what got you into that iron vault
could not get you out
was that your fault?

well do you ever see yourself
running out of anger?
well if you don't i guess you don't
but you won't even let it show
and i can't see the future
but i can't seem to run
i just wanted you to know i was no one

and i can't bear to see you
all lit up in the sun
i just wanted to believe i was no one
Track Name: Volunteer
i volunteer everything i have
to your lonely sapphire eyes
but when the weight of morning comes
i'm still just a volunteer

and i compliment you for your faith
every time you turn away
thought it might just change your mind
but it's only a compliment

so i taught myself all of those words
but i guess i forgot my date of birth
it's a shame i showed myself
but you only showed yourself out

saw the centuries bound to your face
sorry i wouldn't break the pace
but since you bet against yourself
who were you rooting for?

i'm clearing a path
through all of that tangled math
that made us divide into
something less true

ivy, did you grow on me?
did you get lonely
or did you get on?

well eventually doesn't mean much
but mine is surrounded by your love
so if you grow toward someone else
that would eventually break my heart