South American Soil

from Antarctica In Color by Tigers On Trains



you shot me a glare through the low-hanging fruit
remind me again, which offense did i choose?
i'm doing the best that i can with my hands
but i needed you

and i'm bribing the judge 'cause i don't have a case
but i'm judging myself so i'm taking the bait
but i'm not satisfied 'til i know that you know
that i know the truth

if i could i'd break your back with all my straw
if i could i'd break you out of all those thoughts
and you'll never get bored
or get swept off the front porch

i muttered that verse about water and wine
and i'm tempted to try if the devil don't mind
'cause i've had some luck in corrupting what's clean
whatever the means

you might faint while you wait for the water to boil
and the tile may turn south american soil
i guess everything good must end, sink, or spoil
but that's only once

if i could i'd break the truth between your jaws
know i should but that's just not the war i fought
so i'll never get bored
or get stuck at the front door

i'm seeing this through
'cause i can't see through it
i'm paying my due
for the lanterns i lit
i'm meeting halfway
between seeing and being
a part of that light


from Antarctica In Color, released September 30, 2014


all rights reserved


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