should've seen you in that sickly sprawl
broken english all across your bedroom wall
you're like a ship that only sinks when i'm watching
but i'm watching all the time

but i got issues
yeah i know i still do
crowding out my hallways
pointing me the wrong ways
bet it doesn't help to
see that all you went through
could've been avoided from the start
don't you feel in charge?

they had to take you off your medicine
'cause you were raving all about some starving kid
who had hollowed out a different opinion
to pack the old ones in

but i got issues
more than i admit to
sawing at my fenced in
tethered up attention

scanning channels in a hospital
till your skepticism's happy, fed and full
you were a film, i didn't care for the ending
and you're ending all the time

but i got issues
yeah i guess we all do
wasn't that assumption
something you've been hunting?

looking for definitions of your fate
through every province, every parish, every state
while the dictionary's right there beside you
but you couldn't turn a page


from Antarctica In Color, released September 30, 2014


all rights reserved



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