Kicked Out Of The Chain Gang

from Antarctica In Color by Tigers On Trains



i wanna make a distraction that doesn't go dark
that'll keep me ecstatically searching the backyard
for remnants of what we resembled
before i lit up the spark

but we're all making bargains against the dawn
in colonial houses with all of the shades drawn
that shiver and quake with the sound
of a ghost we'd agreed upon

don't you want all the motion to stop?
it's the only emotion i've got
but just when i thought it was gone
i got kicked out of the chain gang
for doing my job

we're close but we're covered and walled
all neighboring rooms in a hall
blocked up so you couldn't recall
how to get through at all

i wanna get past the future and find dry land
'cause i stumbled out of every opportunity i ever had
but i've still got the feeling there's some way
of fixing my broken plans

'cause forty days of fasting couldn't save my soul
all i got was a hunger my sins couldn't uphold
and i'm tired of trial and error
in service of growing old

don't you want the forgiveness to stop?
it's the only excuse that i've got
but before i could give up the cross
i got kicked out of the parish
for swearing to god

we're close but we're centuries apart
dealt out like an old deck of cards
and though i could see where you'd fall
couldn't touch you at all

did you ever get tired of the storm?
it's the only expression i've worn
since the day that it started to pour

don't you want the surrender to start?
it's the only desire in my heart
just thought i was playing the part
'til i got kicked out of the foot race
for running too far


from Antarctica In Color, released September 30, 2014


all rights reserved


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