Stalking My Pulse

from Antarctica In Color by Tigers On Trains



said i whispered catastrophe
into your lips
but you feel imprecise
like you're something i missed
don't get tired of me

'cause you did pretty well
but you did me no good
when you shouldered that weight
just to prove that you could
don't get confident yet

but you talk so much to walls
that you could imitate them all

you've got 22 stars
on the jacket you wear
and a girl in your thoughts
who don't want to be there
don't hold onto the past

'cause i pursued what i want
till it's all that i got
and i saw everything else
sold off in a lot
there's a sequence to things
i think

but you wear so many names
that they all start to sound the same

stumbling and sweating and stalking my pulse
no surprise i don't get much done

swearing and stealing and stripping my ranks
no surprise i don't give much thanks

and it bothered up your stone smile
when i fathered something worthwhile
but you saw my love retire
and you stoked it like a fire

were you sorry for my loss?
all the good you carted off
and feeling from afar
don't it get hard?
were you capable
of seeing this through
of paying your due
of meeting halfway?


from Antarctica In Color, released September 30, 2014


all rights reserved


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