Tall Tales Vol. 1

by American Gospel

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released May 15, 2012

CD version contains two acoustic downloadable bonus tracks!

Better Off (Acoustic) and The Hanged Man (Acoustic)

All Songs Written and Performed by Gregg Andrew DellaRocca.
Produced, Tracking, Mixed and Mastered by Gregg Andrew DellaRocca.
Artwork by Gregg Andrew DellaRocca.

Supporting Musicians:
Logan Labarbera: Trombone/Trumpet - I Know, The Hanged Man, Hunting Boar, The Falling Feeling
Jon Degen: Sax - I Know, I’ll Never Let You Go
Sarah Pope: Vocals - I Know, Bayonet, The Woods
Mason Maggio: Vocals - Geronimo
Christian Van Deurs: Banjo - The Falling Feeling
Stephanie Tolino: Vocals - Forget Not Yet
Justin Neiser: Drums - Better Off
Rickey Plum: Piano - Forget Not Yet
George Kalivas: Co-Wrote, Outro - Geronimo




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Track Name: I Know
I Know

I looked up and then down
I looked all around
Where'd you go
Is it day, is it night
Watch the clock, is it right
Said I don't know

With all the things that might kill you
And all the ghosts that you talk to
You better live it up of they'll be laughing at you

A thousand years in the future
We'll all live in the ocean
I know, I know, I know
That the sun is expanding
And soon we'll all be standing
In our own guts I know

When I walked to you're block
All the lights they were turned off
Where did you go
I was lost, till I found
I've been walking around this town
Since I don't know

When everyone I know just turned to dust
I found a way to bring them back to us
But when they woke up they all said
They were happier dead

Somethings got to go
Either you or all my hope
Cus I just might loose control
And restart my life alone

I know absolutely nothing
Well I guess at least it's something
That I know, I know, I know
Track Name: Bayonet

We are all doomed, It's the truth
Cus I read it, In a book
And once the devil
Puts you away
You wont see daylight
And you wont feel rain

We are lonely, we are soft
If you lead us, we will walk
But once the devil puts you away
You wont see daylight
And you wont feel rain

Get a little sunlight, in your eyes
And tell me hows it feel
All the colors were so bright
I'm standing in the field
Where you used to explain, the day
How do you explain, the way you left
You were so upset, regret
You ran right through my chest

I've never felt so confused
I don't know what to do
I'm leaving soon enough
I'll be gone soon enough
Track Name: The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man

I gave up my rights for a read tonight
I was at the mercy of the cards
They said that I lost love and the loss was right
Now I'm a mind reader with an extra eye
And I'm a hanged man up in a tree again
Trying to figure out just where to go
Don't nobody save me
Yea no one will save me

I'm trying my best
To make it work
But it's taking time
So wait for me, please wait for me

Just wait for me
Just wait for me

There was a burst of light and I was feeling right
Finally an answer for my prayers
She said that I'd get rich in a couple months
And all the friends I had were a curse from God
Now I'm a hanged man up in a tree again
And I'm just gonna stay up here for good
Maybe I'll just die here
Or hang for another year
Track Name: Say

I try my best to not make your mistakes
But when I do at least I can say
Life's good
I'm living it up and my life is good
I miss the water and the colors of your hair
I only left to see if you still cared
And life's good
I'm living it up and my life is good

Say life's good

Did I just waste a quarter of my life
And settle on a fear that I can't fight
Yea life's good
I keep telling myself that my life is good
When I feel like you're stepping on my head
And the people here they all stop making sense
Say life's good
I'm living it up and my life is good
Track Name: Hunting Boar
Hunting Boar

Left before they all woke up
I was lost it was so dark
But before I could even adjust
I heard voices
And they were speaking to me

The runt of the litter
Is out in the woods
And I said

Oh I ache
It feels like I'm hunting boar
To show you I'm brave
And cradle their heads
And I will cut all their throats
To show you I can

I saw them take the others
Carefully, carefully
My heart was in my stomach
I couldn't breath, I could not breath
But I could let them take me
My bones fold away
And I could be a martyr
Play dead, I am bait

A killers been Captured
He's coming untied

And I walked so tall
Even as I'm dragging these corpses along
And I walked so tall
The runt from the woods is now king of his home
And I walked so tall
The sent of the death let the whole country know
And I walked so tall
Even as I'm dragging these corpses along
Track Name: The Woods
The Woods

On the first day
Of the new year
I fell for you
In a basement
Under snow and the moon
I seen their eyes
As we walked by
And stepped out of
The woods
Track Name: The Falling Feeling
The Falling Feeling

The side of the orchard
I did not dare to go
Where the souls of the soldiers
Were still fighting in their wars
I fell for a girl
I did not get to know
She left me in the church yard
And I waited there for her
And now

I believe in destiny
A falling feeling when I stand next to you
They can't see, what I can see
This brilliant reward just from looking at you

Say that it's safe out here
And in a black sea of trees
We will face all our fears
Wait for the sky to clear
And I wont be afraid anymore

Stay till I finish here
I never needed something so bad just to re-apear
Take me away from here
And I wont ever leave you

I was looking at some photographs
I need to stop living in the past
The burn marks on my hand
I got them back when
I believed in fairy tales
Now I know that they are real
The fire from the forrest
Is burning down my house
Save me
Track Name: Better Off
Better Off

There's a storm
There's a storm and it's been
Sucking all my life up
And tipping all the ships in this
Old American port
And it has since 1986
It's my life in a bottle
And it's typically unstable
I'm so sorry for the time I took from you
And if you don't already know

I tried my best to make it work
And all thats left is lust and bitterness
And in the end I fucked it up
Just enough to know that I am better off

I'm so cold
I'm so cold I know I'm sorry
It's a habit it's in my blood
I can't feel anymore
But if I could take it back
Or somehow just relax
Without the help of some
Prescription medication I'd collapse
Track Name: Forget Not Yet
Forget Not Yet

Spin my head
Till I'm to dizzy to stand
Sign me up
For a curse or two
Cus time, yea time
It got the best of me
And you were so gone

So don't be a fool
I am no good for you
I chewed out your lungs
Your lips and your tongue
Now I'm full

I was cold drinking salt in the river
I was warm dressed in mud on the bed
We were both left to freeze in the winter
When we woke we were practically dead

Now you're giving up
I couldn't blame you enough
And all of those quarrels
and fights for the moon
I always gave it to you
And now that I want everything back
It's gone
Track Name: I'll Never Let You Go
I'll Never Let You Go

Are you okay
Is everything alright
I'm sorry I could not be there tonight
Are you okay
You're always on my mind
When you're not here I can't close my eyes
I'll never let you go

Because I am afraid
That this will go away
And everything is happening to late
Because I can change
Or I can go away
I just wanted for you to hear me say
I'll never let you go

We gave it our best
But the memories are the only thing thats left

I will never let you go
Track Name: World Lines
World Lines

I think I'm losing it again
I close my eyes and all the walls start caving in
with every step I'm feeling old
I'll shake myself to sleep tonight
And wake up all alone

Is he holding up my head
And making me think crazy is okay
And you're all trying to hard
Or am I already dead
And working for a chance to meet
Someone who understand me

I thought this in a war I had with myself
I don't know if I'm okay

We don't have original thought
The second time is just a ghost
Deja vu a re-run
Knowing this is hard a shell
But living up to my own past
Makes me wonder were I fell

Are you holding up my head
And making me think crazy is okay
And you're all trying to hard
Or am I already dead
And working for a chance to meet
Someone who understand me

Can you hold me
Cus I falling
Back to one

Is he holding up my head
And making me think crazy is okay
And you're all thinking to hard
Or am I already dead
And working for a chance to meet
Someone who understand me
Track Name: Geronimo

I searched for you my whole life
In white washed frozen groves
I casted out my last line
Let me feet get cold
I just want to see you

And my lover sleeps underneath the water
(All wrapped up in the reefs)
She sold my trust for coordinates and bait
(With the bones, of my kin, dug up from the trench of my past)
And I've been living in the shadow if his former failure
(In the cold, under stone, buried between all the ice)
And I can feel it, the sun is going down
(This desert can drift)
And the cold is from you

She broke straight through the ice
I saw her with my eyes
And I stared through the soul of the one that I loved
And I learned I was nothing at all
I though about the search
And everything I'm worth
Is it gold, is it coal
In the end I am sure we're all dirt in the ground
Now I'm still trying to find out which way to go
And I hope that you know you're not alone
You're not alone