The Hanged Man

from Tall Tales Vol. 1 by American Gospel



The Hanged Man

I gave up my rights for a read tonight
I was at the mercy of the cards
They said that I lost love and the loss was right
Now I'm a mind reader with an extra eye
And I'm a hanged man up in a tree again
Trying to figure out just where to go
Don't nobody save me
Yea no one will save me

I'm trying my best
To make it work
But it's taking time
So wait for me, please wait for me

Just wait for me
Just wait for me

There was a burst of light and I was feeling right
Finally an answer for my prayers
She said that I'd get rich in a couple months
And all the friends I had were a curse from God
Now I'm a hanged man up in a tree again
And I'm just gonna stay up here for good
Maybe I'll just die here
Or hang for another year


from Tall Tales Vol. 1, released May 15, 2012


all rights reserved


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