Forget Not Yet

from Tall Tales Vol. 1 by American Gospel



Forget Not Yet

Spin my head
Till I'm to dizzy to stand
Sign me up
For a curse or two
Cus time, yea time
It got the best of me
And you were so gone

So don't be a fool
I am no good for you
I chewed out your lungs
Your lips and your tongue
Now I'm full

I was cold drinking salt in the river
I was warm dressed in mud on the bed
We were both left to freeze in the winter
When we woke we were practically dead

Now you're giving up
I couldn't blame you enough
And all of those quarrels
and fights for the moon
I always gave it to you
And now that I want everything back
It's gone


from Tall Tales Vol. 1, released May 15, 2012


all rights reserved


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