The Falling Feeling

from Tall Tales Vol. 1 by American Gospel



The Falling Feeling

The side of the orchard
I did not dare to go
Where the souls of the soldiers
Were still fighting in their wars
I fell for a girl
I did not get to know
She left me in the church yard
And I waited there for her
And now

I believe in destiny
A falling feeling when I stand next to you
They can't see, what I can see
This brilliant reward just from looking at you

Say that it's safe out here
And in a black sea of trees
We will face all our fears
Wait for the sky to clear
And I wont be afraid anymore

Stay till I finish here
I never needed something so bad just to re-apear
Take me away from here
And I wont ever leave you

I was looking at some photographs
I need to stop living in the past
The burn marks on my hand
I got them back when
I believed in fairy tales
Now I know that they are real
The fire from the forrest
Is burning down my house
Save me


from Tall Tales Vol. 1, released May 15, 2012


all rights reserved


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