No Matter How Narrow

by The Republic Of Wolves

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released December 17, 2013

All Songs Written by The Republic Of Wolves.
Produced By The Republic Of Wolves
Mixed by Mason Maggio
Mastered by Alex Saltz
Cover Art By Ben Kehoe

The Republic Of Wolves is: Gregg Andrew Dellarocca, Mason Maggio, Christian Van Deurs, and Billy Duprey

Supporting Musicians:
Dan Gluzak (Drums on Tracks 1-5, 7-11)
Will Noon (Drums on Track 6)
Natalie Kress (Violin on Tracks 6, 8, 11)
Nate Dimeo (Spoken Word on Track 8) /


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about Bakersfield, California

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Track Name: Frozen Feet
There's a flock that I must tend
Where each looks the same as the next
But there's some that don't belong
And I'm smoking them out

Still I'm afraid that it might hurt
'Cause they've all been with me since birth
An assignment that I wish I had declined

I've been strung up in my belief
A humanism that does not apply to me
That makes excuses for my knees
Like I've been leaning on the inconsistencies

There's a cold that I must catch
Living well in all that I've said
And I feel it coming on
Unless it's all in my head

But you were up at 2 AM
Figuring out what it meant
That all those sins were really sicknesses
And nobody's to blame

Oh, if I could go an hour
Without wondering what chapter I am in
Maybe I'd find the plot

There's a flock that I must tend
Grazing inside of my head
But there's some that don't belong
So I'm giving them hell.
Track Name: Stray(s)
I was up to my neck in apologies
For the war they had waged over me
Two ill-tempered ideas
Tearing down the house
Guess I've been loaning it out
To the wrong crowd

So there's another heart
That plays the part of mine
Forgetting all the lines
But it beats right

And I'm off to the side
Or somewhere in the seats
Just trying to keep the peace

Did we forget the cost
(Something got me to give you up)
Of living good and lost?
(Someone told me there's no "enough")
Our loyalties divided
(Somehow took it to mean the worst)
And cast across
(If there's a reason just make sure that you get there first)

I was down with the strays seeking charity
Wondering if I could seem deserving
Couldn't see what became of the family crest
A realization my pride couldn't digest

But if there's another key
That gets you through the door
You won't know what it was for
'Till it's too late

'Cause I'm diving through the trash
And there's nothing but belief
All rotten in the heat

I couldn't get it past you
The pain that had gotten used to me
While you planted salt like seeds
In my every open wound

The tireless glare of the brake lights
The collars that hugged us too tight
The crack of my caustic voice
Made a mockery of me
A travesty of what I tried to be

But did you get there first
Or did the vessels burst?
Did we offend the water
And die of thirst?

My head is going south
Just trying to hammer out
A less complicated route
To the wrong place

And I couldn't bear the cross
So I'm holding it aloft
Just auctioning it off.
Track Name: Spare Key
I'm shrugging off the cold
Just to be polite
I'm living like a prophet
With stage fright

I'm falling into place
But still the timing's not right
Yeah that's a fire
I just can't seem to light

Never wanted to repeat myself
It's better now to just say nothing
Been living off of borrowed words
For way too long

But have you had the honor yet
Of ever being truly hopeless?
Have you just been pretending like me?

I'm tracking down the cold
Now that it's finally gone
I'm living like a prophet
Who can't move on

I'm falling into place
But still the timing's all wrong
Well I guess I just can't wait that long

And I feel like I'm always running out
My palette's gone all gray again
So it's no surprise that all we heard
Was the screaming of the wind
'Cause that is all I've ever been

Feels like I'm always running out
My palette's gone all gray again
So there's no surprise when all you hear
Is a record on repeat
'Cause that is all I'll ever be.
Track Name: Greenville, MO
For once I think I'll try
To leave the truth untied
I know that you'll realize
This is all we have
And there's nowhere worthwhile now

If there's a cause for every window
That I jump through
Then I'll be taking my time with this

If there's an auction for your insights
Then count me in
But I'll be taking my time with this

If there's a simple explanation
That we left for dead
Then I'll be nursing it back to health

And there's a paradox I'm keeping
Beside my bed
And it's nursing me back to health

I know I'm grasping at straws now
I know you'll never get the reference
You think that I believe in something
You'll see that ladder, it leads to nothing

For once I think I'll try
To cull the falsehoods from my mind
I'm coming back to find
This is all we have
And there's nowhere worthwhile now.
Track Name: Pioneers
How did it get away from me?
How did it get away from me?
What did it say when I lost my way
Just to make sure that I had something to say?

Enough with the ceremony
Our hands have looked like that for years
There's nothing new about it
But everyone's a pioneer
Seems so arbitrary
To hold a funeral for our youth
A foregone conclusion
That we drew up in the dark and gave into

And I knew that mistake
Was all we had built
So much for perfection
It broke us down

How did it get away from me?
I've been watching the gate
From the first day
How did it get away from me?

What did they say when I pined away
Over a fault I could never quite rephrase?

Enough with the coronations
There's no one left who isn't king
Of something arbitrary
That's why I'm looking for a crown to pick apart
We're just collecting flies in jars
A Reconquista in our yard
A war I never had to start

So if I'm off the reservation it's your fault

And I knew that regret
Was measured in miles
So much for intentions
They left us behind.
Track Name: Keep Clean
We're all holding onto banisters
'Cause it's a long way
It's a long way down
And the enemy of common sense
Is a loose grip in a steep stairwell

So toss me to and fro
'Till I condemn the very scent
Of being still
And we'll litter all the way
Shed all our trappings
For the rest to wade through
No matter how narrow is our path

And we could never name our burdens
Still they pained us all the same

I never knew my context
But that's just fine
Yeah I'm stuck outside of my shaking mind
I never felt an insight
So ill-defined
Never compromise if you've still got time

So we're all ordaining ministers
'Cause we can't keep
No we can't keep clean
We've been deferring to a hypocrite
With a kind voice and a loud idea

He divided up the races
With a pencil and the book of Genesis
And sorted us into companies and colonies
All pitted up against each other
No matter how common is our cause

I was a visionary 'till I sold my vision
You were a missionary who misplaced your mission

I collected up my fillings and my crowns
And went to sleep without a sound
To distribute all my thoughts
Among inanimate depictions
Of myself.
Track Name: Arithmetic On The Frontier
We all have come close
But do we ever die?
The ones who seem to get so far
Don't say that word

So it's second-hand
It's an inference
It's arithmetic

We learned a dying tongue
To keep our secrets safe
But there is no speech these weathered walls
Can't understand
Still the odds are on the cheaper man

I looked the other way
When my brother went and lost his mind
I looked the other way
When my captain turned against his creed
And sold all his sacred shares to me.
Track Name: Turning Lane
You thought you could free the slaves
By filling out the proper paperwork
'Till you turned out all your pockets
And realized they never were

You pulled your kids out of the public school
And resigned to your irreverence
And you set a torch to the old duck blind
Where your heartache took up residence

You were all dressed up
But you didn't know what
All the commotion inside you was for

What did we expect
After all that shame?
Some familiar stretch of crippling faith?
What did we expect
After all that fear?
Some inheritance
To make the past run clear?

Thought we could concentrate just hard enough
To let those feelings in
We were both stuck in the turning lane
But that's where we've always been

I guess we took our love in one big dose
And retired to the peasantry
Saying "paradise exists
But it is locked away inside our memories"

You couldn't sit still
Not while you knew well
That all the commotion
Was held in your name.
Track Name: Vinedresser
I clawed through the print and found you
Living between parentheses
Venturing out in springtime
To make sure the phone was off the hook

You said "I guess it's all prefigured
We're living out some old typology"
Like ribbons of rolling water
Inching up on the wall
Where you'd marked your height

I still haven't seen you up close
So why was the porch light on?
How could I trust you the most
When you couldn't trust yourself?

Our love was a lurid spice trade
Every day a wilderness
We lost all the wealth we'd died for
In the red and the gold of being sure

You said "I made a conscious effort
To get all my vertebrae aligned,
But what's a posture worth
If it straightens you out first?"

But I was a victim like you
My shoplifted grace in hand
But how could you know me so well
When i couldn't know myself?

Are we supposed to forget?
How can we really forget?
I don't think that anybody really forgets
Their frozen feet
They're all we can see.
Track Name: Orange Empire
I never knew it 'till it passed
Was always covered in a cast
I was constructed of a cloth
That couldn't last

So now I'm barely blood and flesh
Just an anatomic sketch
Coming to find this may be as solid as we get

Well that's just what they'll keep me
But what'd it ever get me
But a fumbling peace of mind?

I heard they hunt it down in droves
Something they'll never really know
Guess I was just another stone
They couldn't throw

I sent a letter to the state
That they could not transliterate
And felt the brittle gnashing teeth
Of "it's too late"

So what?
I caught it on a tripwire
The entire Orange Empire
And joined in with the crash
And swallowed all the ash.
Track Name: Through Empty Vessels
I've been clearing the air
Of every connection we had lost
What a criminal thought
That you gave so much room to multiply
And it left you to soak in conversations
With a door you could not close

And I was intertwined for the first time
With my own lies
As we both crossed a devastating line
In the flood tide
It never mattered why
When we chose sides, we were both right

I've been opening mail
Addressed to the man I used to be
What a cynical voice
That retreats from my lips each time I speak
What a practical joke
But you let it have you
Didn't that just prove my point?

Was it enough for you
The vessel they poured you into?
Was all the damage done?

Out in the saffron field
You were so aggravated
Missing your chance to make your mark
So you tore apart what you had left inside your chest
But if you regret taking that step
You haven't yet

So I threw it all back
The love that I didn't yet deserve
And it's ringing us out
As though it was suffering
Through everything that I've done

So it's over my head
How everything washes up again
'Cause I spent most of my life ruling things out
Sinking my teeth into your every bit of doubt

If I was coming clean
Would it reach you?
From what I've seen it was all true
There's so much left to grieve
Couldn't hurt you to leave it be
Just for one day
Just to see straight.