Through Empty Vessels

from No Matter How Narrow by The Republic Of Wolves



I've been clearing the air
Of every connection we had lost
What a criminal thought
That you gave so much room to multiply
And it left you to soak in conversations
With a door you could not close

And I was intertwined for the first time
With my own lies
As we both crossed a devastating line
In the flood tide
It never mattered why
When we chose sides, we were both right

I've been opening mail
Addressed to the man I used to be
What a cynical voice
That retreats from my lips each time I speak
What a practical joke
But you let it have you
Didn't that just prove my point?

Was it enough for you
The vessel they poured you into?
Was all the damage done?

Out in the saffron field
You were so aggravated
Missing your chance to make your mark
So you tore apart what you had left inside your chest
But if you regret taking that step
You haven't yet

So I threw it all back
The love that I didn't yet deserve
And it's ringing us out
As though it was suffering
Through everything that I've done

So it's over my head
How everything washes up again
'Cause I spent most of my life ruling things out
Sinking my teeth into your every bit of doubt

If I was coming clean
Would it reach you?
From what I've seen it was all true
There's so much left to grieve
Couldn't hurt you to leave it be
Just for one day
Just to see straight.


from No Matter How Narrow, released December 17, 2013


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