How did it get away from me?
How did it get away from me?
What did it say when I lost my way
Just to make sure that I had something to say?

Enough with the ceremony
Our hands have looked like that for years
There's nothing new about it
But everyone's a pioneer
Seems so arbitrary
To hold a funeral for our youth
A foregone conclusion
That we drew up in the dark and gave into

And I knew that mistake
Was all we had built
So much for perfection
It broke us down

How did it get away from me?
I've been watching the gate
From the first day
How did it get away from me?

What did they say when I pined away
Over a fault I could never quite rephrase?

Enough with the coronations
There's no one left who isn't king
Of something arbitrary
That's why I'm looking for a crown to pick apart
We're just collecting flies in jars
A Reconquista in our yard
A war I never had to start

So if I'm off the reservation it's your fault

And I knew that regret
Was measured in miles
So much for intentions
They left us behind.


from No Matter How Narrow, released December 17, 2013


all rights reserved



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