The Love Of Gold Fades With Sinking Ships

from Make You Move by The Honour Recital



You know your life means something when you can hear your heart pumping into the darkness fading in. Desire turns to lusting and the pearl's fighting nothing and you're feeling pressure to give in. While you're lying in your bed, the passion's burning through your head. Well love is delicate, girl, remember what we said. Bring back the memory when you sang to me. Bring back the memory when love meant everything. Bing back the feeling and the meaning and we'll dance into a sweet surrounding memory. Bring it back to me. Bring it down, bring it down the hearyache from a mind consuming mistake. Is it right if you put it away? well don't you worry, darling. you're not helpless if you're hurting because love will find a way. If you're coming home tonight raise your head, step on into the light and sing...


from Make You Move, released January 12, 2008


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