Make You Move

by The Honour Recital




released January 12, 2008

All Songs written and produced by The Honour Recital. Engineered by Rich Picard, Kelly Caims and Inga Schuenemann. Mixed and mastered by Dave Swanson. Recorded Mixed and Mastered at Love Juice Labs Riverside CA.


all rights reserved


about Bakersfield, California

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Track Name: Save A Dance
Stretch your legs girl, it's time to leave
Night is young and it's getting mean
Cock your hat, put on your blue jeans

Come on up to front and center stage
Take my hand, we'll let the music lead
I'm on fire girl, gonna set you ablaze

Sing along with me
But don't you dare miss a beat

Save a dance for danger
If you wanna dance with me
Save a dance for danger
I'll bring you to your feet
If you wanna dance with me

Our bodies closer, it's getting hotter
Our hearts are pumping a little louder
Come now, brace yourself I gotta warn ya
I bring it harder, WE BRING IT FASTER

Give it to me
'Cause it's my song you're singing
I'm motivated when you sing my song back to me

I'll sing along with you
But don't you dare sing off key...

Hey everybody, let me see you move
Let me see you move around the whole dance floor
Hey everybody, let me see you shake it
Come on and shake around the whole dance floor

Save a dance

Shake your body
Track Name: The Love Of Gold Fades With Sinking Ships
You know your life means something when you can hear your heart pumping into the darkness fading in. Desire turns to lusting and the pearl's fighting nothing and you're feeling pressure to give in. While you're lying in your bed, the passion's burning through your head. Well love is delicate, girl, remember what we said. Bring back the memory when you sang to me. Bring back the memory when love meant everything. Bing back the feeling and the meaning and we'll dance into a sweet surrounding memory. Bring it back to me. Bring it down, bring it down the hearyache from a mind consuming mistake. Is it right if you put it away? well don't you worry, darling. you're not helpless if you're hurting because love will find a way. If you're coming home tonight raise your head, step on into the light and sing...
Track Name: The Burning Period
Hindsight's twenty-twenty
And I've got eyes like a hawk, my dear.
Tell me what's the matter. Your tears are far from flattering
And his intentions never seemed so clear.
Don't you wish you could take it back
'Cause I'm one in a million or more.
I should have known, in fact I saw it coming.
You said this once before.

Take is as we go. Let it out slow.
Anyway you want it, baby, just say so.
You make it sound so easy
And I'll never let the likes of you
Get the best of me.

Better sense tells me to leave
And lay our skeletons to sleep
But I'm far too deep now to run away.
Can you still feel him breathing down your neck
'Cause I can still see him standing there.
Sweetheart, I know what's going on.

One time, shame on you girl
Two times, shame on me
The third time's a charm
You said it was forever
You've got five little fingers 'round a great big knife
And you're sneaking up on me
Track Name: She Devil
She's a high class lover, a cold blooded killer, a silhouette.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Hey girl, please let me into your world so I can take your breath away.
It's too soon 'cause you're entirely smooth and I wish that you would stay.

She's red hot.
She's a straight shot.
Black hearted beauty, you make it look easy enough.

Hey girl, go on and give it a whirl.
Take my heart, take my life today.
She walked right out the door.
Blood trailed from her high heels.
Heartbroken, bloody on the floor.
But she likes the way it feels.
But love is what we want to give and no one knows when she is looking from her back again.

Red hot.
Straight shot.
Black hearted beauty.
She makes it look easy.
Track Name: Memento Mori
Hey little girly something looks pretty about you and I see it when your e smiling through the tears. There's a cold little truth in reconciliation. The future will expose your greatest fears. Well now you're standing from the outside looking in. Will you give yourself away? when no one seems to notice and you're walls are closing in. Will you give yourself away? Can you feel the pressure start to rise? Will now open your eyes . Holding on to strength thats gone. It'll find you. Im Okay, Ive never asked for something. Now ill walk away. You're not okay.It's an insult to injury. Don't you walk away