The Burning Period

from Make You Move by The Honour Recital



Hindsight's twenty-twenty
And I've got eyes like a hawk, my dear.
Tell me what's the matter. Your tears are far from flattering
And his intentions never seemed so clear.
Don't you wish you could take it back
'Cause I'm one in a million or more.
I should have known, in fact I saw it coming.
You said this once before.

Take is as we go. Let it out slow.
Anyway you want it, baby, just say so.
You make it sound so easy
And I'll never let the likes of you
Get the best of me.

Better sense tells me to leave
And lay our skeletons to sleep
But I'm far too deep now to run away.
Can you still feel him breathing down your neck
'Cause I can still see him standing there.
Sweetheart, I know what's going on.

One time, shame on you girl
Two times, shame on me
The third time's a charm
You said it was forever
You've got five little fingers 'round a great big knife
And you're sneaking up on me


from Make You Move, released January 12, 2008


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