Consequence (Acoustic)

from Empty Vessels by The Republic Of Wolves



A pastor swept away my wrongs,
He put my mind at ease
He cannot do that for himself
He cannot change what he's seen.

So he and I drove to the creek,
And fished out some poor souls
The men who'd seen a bit too much
And couldn't keep their mouths shut.
But I guess it's fair enough.

I'm a fortune they never told,
Afraid that I won't come true
I've been copying out the charts I found
And stole from you
How can anyone face a consequence
They can't understand?

I had a dream that nobody could fall asleep
And it was all my fault, for all my disbelief
Some original sin I couldn't take back
Said I was sorry, "but maybe it's meant to be."

And you were there,
Telling me how ashamed you were
And suddenly I felt no more guilt.

A chemist pulled me to his side,
Said he loathed what he had done
He had worked away his days
To give my God a different name.

We built an orchard out of words
That had left their meanings
And since I felt their shade,
I've found that everything is sickeningly simple
When you strip it down.

And I think that everybody goes home alone
When the daylight dies.

Did you know that we don't make sense
When you bring us into the light?
How can anyone face a consequence?
I just don't know.

So I'll hide away my name
Until I finally hear the letters breaking down,
Until the consonants and vowels resemble us.


from Empty Vessels, released December 16, 2013


all rights reserved


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