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Party Fouls

by Dear Noel

I only drink with my best friends. Some people say we have a problem. But every night I'm making new best friends and the only problem is that we like having a good time. Forget your self help and your programs, I'm only taking 12 steps toward the door. The only fame is where everybody knows your name, so poor a drink for me. It's last call coming from the concierge telling us "get up! get up!" because we spent all night getting down. So Hit the Lights and crank it up, we'll have them singing down Every Avenue. Keep your bottles close to loosen you up, it looks so good when it hits those lips. When the liquor runs dry, all us boys get clever. It's everything you always wanted and less, you just got here what's the rush? We're turning moments into memories. Our lifestyle is the one and only.
The time has come for a much needed evaluation. My feelings are so deep it's clearly more than Freudian. With all the damage done, I'm so numb. You're blind, deaf, and dumb, like Helen Keller but my miracles aren't working for us. What will it take for me to to get it through your head? Your lack of words is like pumping my guts full of lead. You motion. It's too late, this is fate. I'll reciprocate. I'm trying hard not to be wanted in all 50 states. Theres no rest for the wicked, and you look tired as hell. When I'm through no amount of clapping will bring you back, I swear. Your secrets out and you're trying to me to say that, "I'm the one that's to blame and I'm sorry" Guess what? That's just tough. You're so out of luck because there's no way that I'll sign over the rights to our story. So you can cry and tell the world that you're fine as you harvest broadway lights and neon signs, as some form of bragging rights. But you'll be lucky to get "lifetime". As if a street makes a difference, if you crawl that far I'll bring a gun to your opening night. There's no rest for the wicked, just click your heels and your home, But that was just a movie baby, so watch me rock and roll. I'd securely place your head in one of jigsaws toys. Watch it pry open your mouth to see your jaw rest on your neck, and see those beautiful words come pouring out.
Through the drinks and the cigarettes I still taste you. I've never known a kiss to be so sweet. I know I'm playing with fire but I don't care if I get burned. I'd go up in flames just to touch you. I'd wait forever just to hear you say that you won't have me. A broken heart is worth the sound of your voice. This is love, this is suicide. I'm drowning in secrets but I've got you to keep my head above the waves. I'm not scared, though I should be terrified. I've been starving for you so long, I'll swallow every word you say. It's just you and I versus the world tonight. There's no one here to tear you from my arms. They say we'll pay for our crimes, but I won't mind paying for mine. I'll be bleeding all the way, bleeding for you. Catching your eyes from across the room, short glance, quick passes and shorter smiles. No one plays the innocent like the guilty and I'm guilty as charged.
The mile markers tell me it's pedal for petal, as my foot hit's the gas and your flowers hit the floor. The words from my mouth form a journal on my dashboard. I'm trying my best to save the phrase of, "we'll cross that bridge when we get there." I'll try to get us there. If I had it my way I'd be stuck in this place. Our bodies would keep us warm. To kiss and tell it's as if paris fell and I'm fighting electric blankets. With my hands on the wheel I'll drive off this cliff I've been hanging on, to find out if you're all right. Two hopeless romantics never kissed with their eyes closed to tight. One headlight exposed the wreck and there appears to be a tragedy down lovers lane. At least the seat belt wrapped around your neck finally kept your head on straight.
This is how lovers go. Our nightmares won't leave us alone. Shadows preoccupied, secrets lay deep inside with our hearts on standby. Yet they can't see who we are. We only exist in stars, terrified to be seen No one can stop this ghost from hiding. We should be screaming loud and clear, " The saints among sailors found faith in their lovers. If they prevail why can't we?" while the whole worlds asleep, we the stones of Rome should rise in mutiny. Lay down our endeavors of running forever, starving for what we dream. It's last call for first chances. No matter what happens every breath curse as your last. Stand firm the ground how we're bound fatally, and just bury us here I f we fail our family. So man up your station, cross fire equals glory to turn everyone around. They say, "love is a battle", I say it's a fire fight.




released January 31, 2010


all rights reserved



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