The Clouds (Demo)

from In The House Of Dust by The Republic Of Wolves



I’ve been waiting on a response for days.
There’s been a complication
It seems your heart needed a break
From pumping the blood through your veins,
and keeping the oxygen okay.
I still see your face in the day.
And I see your eyes in the bottle that was way too tall
I finished it just to see if we could talk.
Now I’m speaking with your ghost again
It’s telling me that I don’t listen.
Can we be friends,
In another lifetime
I might pretend that we are right now.
I summoned demons from a dying tree
I took a long walk off a short levee
I drank the poison from a black moon seed,
and then I saw you.
I felt your kiss in a dream I had
I felt your skin in a monument
Then I went home to live a brand new life without you
I buried all our things
Beneath the giant shadows of the clouds.
And they will stay there underground,
but no matter what I do I never will stop talking to you.
I never did get the last word in,
And you said I always did.


from In The House Of Dust, released December 1, 2011


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