Monologues (Alternate)

from In The House Of Dust by The Republic Of Wolves



When day dawned, the tempest passed away
and the warm sun shone out.
I was caught in a sunbeam that dried my eyes closed

I'll show you what it means to come home alive
'Cause I've seen the curtain fall one too many times
And it's my fault.

Don't let the weight shatter your shoulders
Just lay it down before you forget how.

When God spoke, the field was dry as day
And she felt her cold hands meet
I was lost in the wood grain,
'till I heard her call my name

We held a funeral for the moths we'd killed,
then set to work again on the ones that lived.
At least we knew.

Have you been kneeling here long?
Shedding your youth
teaching yourself not to argue
You're caught in a shroud
you shouldn't have found
Those monologues spoiled your innocence.

I swept up all your tiny fragments
And spun you into thread,
and dyed you gold
But you never kept me warm enough
to make it through a single night.
So I cut you to parts,
and sold you as scarves
so you could go on after I was gone.

When we meet again we'll be asleep
underneath the flower bed.
You'll tell me everything that you wished you'd done
I'll wrap you in my arms and then I'll wake up
But you will not.

Can I finally say that I found some truth?
That everything dies before I do
'Cause I've driven these stakes
for all of my days
Just to try and escape my uncertainty.

There's nothing here to keep us from setting
We're layers of paint eventually washed out.


from In The House Of Dust, released December 1, 2011


all rights reserved


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