Greek Fire (Acoustic)

from In The House Of Dust by The Republic Of Wolves



Where have you been lying
ever since the fortunes changed their minds?
You're nothing but a sleeping quarry,
caught up in the snares that you yourself had lain.
But I am not your keeper
Don't call for me when you finally realize
No one's coming, so you'd better find some peace.

When you wash up
I will fold my hands
and contemplate the ways
to keep you in your place

Please tell me,
Why have you been mourning
since the day you really met yourself?
Well you and all your seething lowlife best friends
were lining up like sparrows on a wire,
Talking like the twelve Apostles
dressed in leather,
wandering the alleys,
clenching your fists
"Relax, it's just a business."

Your Maker was a servant
who plowed 'til he was swollen
and fell into the ground.

His phantom took the shape of
your seven years of labor
but you would not stay down.

I couldn't get you because you got me first.
You were a fixture
I must have been a fool.
I couldn't face you, because your face was mine.
But I will be long gone
before I take your side.

We're nothing but receding figures
robbing each other of our final thoughts.


from In The House Of Dust, released December 1, 2011


all rights reserved


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