Frozen Feet (Acoustic)

from Empty Vessels by The Republic Of Wolves



There's a flock that I must tend
Where each looks the same as the next
But there's some that don't belong
And I'm smoking them out

Still I'm afraid that it might hurt
'Cause they've all been with me since birth
An assignment that I wish I had declined

I've been strung up in my belief
A humanism that does not apply to me
That makes excuses for my knees
Like I've been leaning on the inconsistencies

There's a cold that I must catch
Living well in all that I've said
And I feel it coming on
Unless it's all in my head

But you were up at 2 AM
Figuring out what it meant
That all those sins were really sicknesses
And nobody's to blame

Oh, if I could go an hour
Without wondering what chapter I am in
Maybe I'd find the plot

There's a flock that I must tend
Grazing inside of my head
But there's some that don't belong
So I'm giving them hell.


from Empty Vessels, released December 16, 2013


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